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Hi we are looking for new members for this website we would like it if joined as then we can make a fsx multiplayer game with all of you if you would like to become a VAM click on the page Become a VAM to join you will retrive a username and a password and recovery code for your account when becoming a member of our Venga Airways you will be able to acsses more pages and more actions also in other new we will soon be merging with the FPS ( Fsx Paint Studio ) so that we can get some more paints of Venga Airways and we are going to get the flynet client for more exprence with real flying if you would like to join our va click the link below : Click Here

Hi This is our new Va WeeHee industies have join with us and made venga airways and out pilots and there will be listed on the team of VAVA  this is a new website and we are proad to annoce that we have made that merge with WeeHee industies and we will become into Venga Globle and they will be come Venga Airways this website is for both venga airways and venga globle if you would like a job with us like a pilot please can you fill in the form on the employment page
  Head Of Opperation- Justin.C

Co Head - Robbie.H

Pilots of VA- James.G

Co pilot of VA- Jake.G

Pilot of VAG- Chase.k

Co pilot of VAG- Nathan.J

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